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How to Get Many Likes on Instagram, Guaranteed Effective!

How to Get Lots of Likes on Instagram – If you want to be an influencer, then being active on Instagram is an option. In addition to many followers, getting lots of likes also has great potential for us to be known by people.


Getting a lot of likes makes our post a big chance to enter the explorer menu. If you enter the explorer menu, the post will reach more people.

It means? Engagement will increase and it is not impossible if the followers will increase. Therefore, sometimes some people prefer to increase the number of likes rather than the number of followers.

To get likes yourself, there are some secret tips that can be used. Here are some ways to get lots of likes on Instagram.

How to get lots of likes on Instagram for free without an application

Usually, people add likes by using some kind of paid app. This tool will later give non-organic likes to posts that you have up to several hundred likes.

It's just, as said. Usually the applications or tools used will be paid at a price that is not cheap. Indeed, hell, there are some tools that are free. It's just that the use of free tools means giving up our Instagram account to be used to give likes or even give followers to other paid accounts.

Of course you don't want that to happen, do you?

Therefore, we summarize how to get lots of likes on Instagram for free without the following application. Good luck:

1. Using Hashtags

The first way to get likes on Instagram is to use hashtags. Hashtags in Instagram posts are useful for grouping posts based on keywords or according to themes. So, if people want to find photos or posts about keywords in hashtags, your posts will also be visible.

The result is that many likes will come to your post. Not only that, hashtags can also increase the followers you have organically. Organic followers are certainly good for engagement on Instagram. The maximum number of hashtags is 30, it's better not to use 30 hashtags. 5 to 10 is enough to not be mistaken for spam.

But remember, the photos you post must really match the theme you're making hashtags for. If not, it's free.

2. Actively Interact with Instagram Users

The second way to get likes on Instagram is by interacting with Instagram users. Why is interaction considered important?

It's simple like this.

When you give likes, support, and even comments to your following and followers, it's possible that they will do the same with you. The Instagram algorithm will also think that you are an active user so that it can improve the quality of your account.

3. Do a Like Bomb on Photos of Unknown People

Usually, we will expect feedback from people whose photos we like. But, if you only give 1 or 2 likes, it doesn't give an impression. Do a like bomb to people you don't know. The number of notifications that appear will make the unknown person feel curious and don't hesitate to reply to the like bomb as well.

4. Upload Posts at the Right Time

Uploading posts at the right time is also one solution to increase the number of likes. There are certain hours when Instagram is crowded by users. So, take this opportunity to post pictures and get more likes and engagement.

Usually, the busiest hours are around evening and lunch.

5. Don't Upload Photos on Sunday Night

It is well known that the majority of young people will hang out on the weekends. The impact is that the residents of Instagram will be quiet. Therefore, on weekend nights you can avoid uploading photos because you can be sure there will be fewer likes than the night before.

6. Take a Photo with the Artist

This is, really, a slightly extreme way. Not everyone can take photos with artists. Well, if you might have the opportunity to take a picture together, it never hurts to take a photo with them and upload it on Instagram.

No need for tagging. Just add the appropriate hashtag and caption so that the artist's fans like your post.

7. Make Interesting Posts

The most important thing is to make interesting posts. Make sure every photo you upload looks aesthetically pleasing. The more attractive it looks, the more you will attract fans by itself.

8. Create Useful Posts

The next way to get lots of likes on Instagram is to make useful posts. So, for example, if you make words that are relatable to many people, you will get a lot of likes.

9. Fill in the Location and Alternate Text Section

The Instagram algorithm will share photos based on location. So, it doesn't hurt you to share the location to expand the reach of photos to many people. Alternate text also has a considerable influence on the number of likes you will get.

Auto like Instagram for android

If you don't want to optimize Instagram like the method above, you can still get lots of likes by using Instagram auto like for Android. There are several applications that allow you to add likes on Instagram.

Some Instagram like applications that you can use are:

  • 1000 Likes Pro
  • Get Likes&Followers Pro
  • Real Likes Pro for Real Followers Fame

There are also several other applications that you can use. You can find all of these applications on the Google Playstore or Appstore or on sites that do sell likes and followers.

How to Send Likes to Other People's Instagram

There are many ways you can do to increase likes on Instagram. One of them is by sending likes to other people's Instagram through the site. Some of the tutorials are:

  • Visit the site instagram.followerfree.co.id
  • Scoll down and press the Login Auto Followers & Auto Likes Instagram button
  • There are several choices you can make
  • Click +Likes to add likes to your Instagram posts.

How to Add Instagram Likes Without Password

It is well known that there are many like-boosting apps or sites. But on average they ask you to enter a password. If you want to find out how to increase Instagram likes without a password, maybe you can take advantage of some of the sites below:

  • Regram.net
  • IG Liker
  • Ezlikers.com
  • Hublagram.co.id
  • Indofoll
  • 4gram.net
  • Gogram.net
  • Instafollowerspro.com
  • Tags liker
  • Followers-free.com

Actually, the most effective and safe way is to improve the quality of the content. However, if you want to grow fast, you can try to buy likes from several sites. Buying is usually much safer for your account than trying out free apps or sites.

Those are some ways to get lots of likes on Instagram that you can try. Hope it is useful.


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