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Best Inexpensive Car Insurance in Los Angeles for 2021

Bankrate's insurance content group evaluated over a lots auto insurance providers throughout Southerly California to find the best inexpensive car insurance in Los Angeles based upon prices, client reviews, monetary standing and more. Inning accordance with Bankrate's 2021 study of estimated yearly costs, the average annual cost of car insurance in Los Angeles is $1,061 for minimal coverage or $2,838 for complete coverage. Based upon our searchings for, Geico and Modern are 2 of the best inexpensive car insurance provider in L.A.


Los Angeles is the home of nearly 4 million residents, with approximately 2 vehicles each home. The countless vehicles when driving daily add to the city's regular gridlock and high auto insurance prices. Despite Los Angeles' high average auto insurance prices, insurance is mandatory for drivers in California. However, there are lots of benefits that come with the cost, consisting of included monetary protection in a mishap. In 2019 alone, there were 54,000 automobile accidents in America's second biggest city.

Best car insurance provider in Los Angeles

Average car insurance prices in Los Angeles are significantly high, but it doesn't constantly need to be expensive. Partnering with Quadrant Information Solutions, Bankrate collected present average prices from several auto insurance providers within the city to limit the best inexpensive options available. We also evaluated each provider based upon their plan options, discount accessibility and client satisfaction, using the 2021 J.Decoration. Power Auto Insurance Study.

Not just do each of these insurance providers place above-average for overall client satisfaction, they also estimated prices at the very least $100 much less compared to the city average. The following 5 providers are amongst the best auto insurance provider in Los Angeles.

Insurance company J.Decoration. Power 2021 Auto Insurance Study score Average yearly premium for minimal coverage Average yearly premium for complete coverage Geico 828 / 1,000 $625 $2,357 Modern 819 / 1,000 $704 $2,527 Auto Club of Southerly California Insurance Team (AAA) 830 / 1,000 $744 $2,636 Specify Ranch 818 / 1,000 $785 $2,679 Wawanesa 853 / 1,000 $829 $2,177 Geico
Since 1936, Geico is developing trust with U.S. drivers and has regularly been known for affordable prices and dependable coverage. This is echoed in its 2021 J.Decoration. Power overall client satisfaction score, as it maintained its above-average score of 828 from 1,000 factors in the California area. As the most affordable auto author on our list, the company could be a great option for drivers looking for basic but reliable coverage from a leading nationwide insurance provider.


Not just does Modern offer the second-cheapest average quote on our list for Los Angeles drivers, but it also provides a hold of electronic devices to assist its customers conserve much more. For instance, its Name Your Price device allows drivers to find the best coverage options within their set budget.

Auto Club of Southerly California Insurance Team (AAA)

The Auto Club of Southerly California Insurance Team, better known as AAA, offers policyholders affordable coverage with great benefits. Several impactful discounts are available, with savings of 15% or more for packing home and auto, or 19% or more for packing your home, auto and life plans with the company. There are also discounts offered being participants of professional and alumni organizations and those that come from certifying car clubs. For L.A. drivers particularly, there are dividend savings opportunities each year, however exact quantities are not ensured.

Specify Ranch

From all various other companies, Specify Ranch is most likely one of the most popular for car insurance in Los Angeles because of holding the highest portion of the state's auto insurance market share. It also offers some of the most affordable car insurance in L.A., based upon Bankrate's research. Its complete coverage prices are simply under $160 much less compared to the city average, and its minimal coverage prices are $276 much less compared to the city average. Furthermore, there's no lack of discounts available for much more savings, with options for commitment, safe drivers and safe vehicles. Specify Farm's high J.Decoration. Power position further proves it can handle claims quickly and please its customers.


As the highest customer-rated provider in California, Wawanesa may offer the best car insurance in Los Angeles for drivers looking for fairly basic coverage from a relied on name. Wawanesa also offers a couple of options for important additionals such as rental expense coverage and initial equipment manufacturer components substitute coverage. Policyholders can take advantage of several common discounts as well, such as multi-car, multi-policy, great chauffeur and more. Additionally, Wawanesa offers a discount rate to drivers matured 55 or older that complete a California-approved online protective driving course as a unique savings opportunity.

Most affordable car insurance in Los Angeles
The average yearly cost of car insurance in Los Angeles is $2,838 for complete coverage, significantly greater than California's average yearly rate of $2,065 for the same quantity of coverage. Compared with the nationwide average cost of complete coverage car insurance of $1,674 annually, drivers in L.A. pay approximately greater than $1,100 more for coverage. However, Los Angeles' highly congested roadways and high portion of without insurance motorists help represent the greater rate.

Still, most L.A. drivers prefer to conserve where they can. Thankfully, there are several options permanently inexpensive car insurance well worth considering. Specifically, Geico and Modern offer the most affordable prices typically from the service companies with the biggest market share in the city.

Geico, Modern and Mercury Insurance are considered some of the most affordable car insurance provider that also guarantee high-risk drivers by providing SR-22 certifications. In our opinion, Geico has a small side over Modern and Mercury because of its variety of discounts. Geico offers 16 discounts, compared with Progressive's 13 and Mercury's 8. AAA also offers very sensible prices amongst the insurance provider we looked at in the L.A. location.

Los Angeles insurance requirements
Such as most specifies, California has laws bordering set minimal requirements for car insurance. All drivers in Los Angeles are required to carry a minimal quantity of liability insurance as complies with:

  • $15,000 in physical injury liability each
  • $30,000 in physical injury liability each mishap
  • $5,000 in property damage liability each mishap
While also minimal car insurance coverage prices in Los Angeles are more expensive compared to the nationwide average, the state's liability limits are significantly reduced and will most likely leave comprehensive out-of-pocket costs following a mishap. Although complete coverage of a mishap is never ever ensured, purchasing greater liability limits together with collision and extensive coverage could assist in saving you from a considerable monetary concern.

Complete coverage also provides monetary assistance for you if your vehicle is damaged in a non-collision-related occasion, such as terminate, burglary, criminal damage or serious weather occasions. Because of the included vehicle protection, lenders often require you to purchase complete coverage if you're renting or funding your car.

Car insurance discounts in Los Angeles
Along with looking for auto insurance providers with the most affordable prices, it also helps to appearance for available discounts. Some of one of the most common discounts offered by L.A. auto insurance providers consist of:

Multi-car: Many Angelenos own greater than one vehicle and could take benefit of unique savings when guaranteeing them along with the same company.
Trainee discounts: Los Angeles is the home of several significant colleges and universities, such as UCLA, USC, Pepperdine College, Santa Monica University and more. Moms and dads with trainees on their plan could conserve significantly in between great trainee discounts and discounts for trainees living away at institution.

Paperless discount: Among the easiest discounts to get approved for has the tendency to be for choosing digital documents and e-billing. Many insurance providers make managing your plan electronically an easy switch and may offer some savings for it.
Packing discount: Whether you rent or own your home, packing homeowners, tenants or condo insurance with your auto coverage at the same insurance company can often lead to premium discounts on all your plans.

Packing discounts have the tendency to be one of the most impactful in regards to premium savings, particularly when packing home and auto. The included benefit of handling a solitary insurance provider rather than several providers also helps make it a beneficial discount. However, there are lots of savings to think about, and most insurance provider offer several savings options. Consider talking with your insurance professional to find out about all the discounts available to you.

Commonly asked questions What is the best car insurance company?

There are many quality car insurance provider in Los Angeles well worth considering. To find the best car insurance company for your needs, consider obtaining a couple of car insurance estimates to contrast pricing and coverage before you decide. Along with price, it may help to think about how other individuals in the location rate their experience with an insurance provider. Because each specify and city is unique, knowing how well a service provider runs in your ZIP code could help determine if it's the right one for you. The Insurance Information Institute suggests obtaining a minimal of 3 estimates when shopping for auto coverage.

Do you need to carry car insurance documents?

Specify legislation requires that you must constantly have proof of present vehicle insurance coverage while running your car. This is essential if you're pulled over by police or associated with a car mishap. However, digital evidence of auto insurance is lawful in California so you might not always need to maintain physical paperwork kept in your vehicle. Rather, you could decide to use your digital insurance card as evidence when required, provided by your insurance provider through its mobile application.

While digital auto insurance ID cards can be practical, it may deserve bring physical paperwork as a back-up. For instance, you could shed mobile phone solution, or your device may run from power. In either situation, insurance experts suggest inspecting your local laws to earn certain you maintain qualified evidence of insurance at perpetuities.

Suppose I cannot afford liability insurance coverage in California?
Running or also parking any vehicle requires auto insurance coverage in the specify of California. However, drivers of certain earnings degrees can use for the California Low-Cost Automobile Insurance Program if they cannot afford traditional car insurance.


Bankrate uses Quadrant Information Solutions to analyze 2021 prices for all ZIP codes and providers in all 50 specifies and Washington, Decoration.C. Estimated prices are based upon a 40-year-old man and female chauffeur with a tidy driving record, great credit and the following complete coverage limits:
  • $100,000 physical injury liability each
  • $300,000 physical injury liability each mishap
  • $50,000 property damage liability each mishap
  • $100,000 without insurance driver physical injury each
  • $300,000 without insurance driver physical injury each mishap
  • $500 collision insurance deductible
  • $500 extensive insurance deductible
  • To determine minimal coverage limits, Bankrate used minimal coverages that satisfy each state's requirements. Our base account drivers own a 2019 Toyota Camry, commute 5 days a week and own 12,000 miles yearly.
These are example prices and should just be used for relative purposes.


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